NAME:  Loha Raphael

NICKNAME:  The Introverted Firecracker

AGE: 39


RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single and open to love.

FURBABIES: I’m allergic but I still want a French Bulldog

FAVORITE ROM-COM: The Back-up Plan

SOULMATE: Chris Evans 

COFFEE: Caramel macchiato w/almond milk 


GUILTY PLEASURE:  General Hospital

PASSIONATE ABOUT: Love, understanding men, understanding myself, the rights of POC & women, food, travelling, helping women slay their lives

FORMERLY: Graduated from Performing Arts H.S. w/a drama degree

SECRETLY: An actress. I will reenact scenes that I love in private. Recently I’ve been Olivia Pope, Meredith Grey, and Michonne from The Walking Dead.

REFORMED:  Good girl who says the right things, is afraid to admit I don’t know something, thinks I have to get it right otherwise what will people think of me?! 

NAME: Kira Sabin

NICKNAME: Troop Leader of Love, Ringmaster of the Dating Shitshow

AGE: 47

HANGING OUT IN: Akumal, Mexico (yes we live here!) It’s awesome.

FAVORITE ROM-COM: When Harry Met Sally

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Met my awesome partner Danny at the age of 41. Married in 2018.

FURBABIES: Rex, the dog, and Ruby, the cat.

SOULMATE: Cheese (especially artisanal from Wisconsin!)

#WOMANCRUSH: Tie between Brene Brown, Oprah, Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Bell


CAN SPEAK: Norwegian (a little) Spanish (working on it) and No Bullshit (fluent).

COFFEE: Put hair on your chest strong.

BLACKBELT IN: Ridiculous

OBSESSED WITH: Foster kitten accounts on instagram like @kittenxlady and true crime.

FORMERLY: Worked on a cruise ship. Yes, just like Julie McCoy from the Love Boat.

SECRETLY: Messy #notsorry

REFORMED: Perfectionist, fixer and dating guys who are so emotionally unavailable it’s embarassing.

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