Today we are breaking down the 2009 Rom-Com “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.

Listen in as we talk about shitty love triangles, lots of emotional unavailability and why Adam is not actually “too nice”. 

Plot basics from Rotten Tomatoes:

Jane (Meryl Streep), a successful restaurateur, has been divorced from Jake (Alec Baldwin) for many years, although they remain friends. When an innocent meal together turns into an affair, Jane finds that she is the other woman in the now-remarried Jake’s life. Meanwhile, Adam (Steve Martin), an architect hired to remodel her kitchen, is still stinging from his own divorce. He finds himself falling in love with Jane but soon realizes that he has become part of a triangle.

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Loha’s  Rating: 🌮🌮 (actually 1.5 but I can’t find a 1/2 taco)

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